The basic knowledge of diabetes has for a while now being trending where diabetes is referred to the state in which the human body experiences metabolic diseases because of their state of high blood sugars in the blood systems. Many of these don’t know there are facts behind this type of illness. These facts include;

Diabetes has its common side effects that one should out. These effects include continuous urination, sexual dysfunction for male species, fatigue, cuts and wounds that do not heal, some gain excess weight whereas experience unexpected loss of their weight and also a loss of appetite.

There are three types of diabetes, one on the first type also known as type 1; one can be able to live a normal life if they are keen on their diet plan, they do continuous exercise and take recommended insulin. Get a diabetes blood test now!

Type 2 diabetes is the second type of diabetes. This kind of groups needs to control their sugar levels to leave a standard life. It can be effected by the continuous check of their sugars, being active regarding physical activities, and also ensure they implement a healthy diet.

Low blood sugar in the blood also known as, hypoglycemia, hurts the human body. High blood sugar; hyperglycemia, is not a good situation to the human body as well.

Type 1 diabetes- This is not a common disease that you find affecting many individuals. It mostly affects the age group that is below 40 years, mostly for the teens and the early adults. This type of group is about 10% of the affected individuals by diabetes. Being a patient of this group requires you to continuously take insulin for almost the rest of your remaining life and regular checkup of your blood state is essential too. Click here to read more about blood glucose test.

Type 2 diabetes- This type of group do not react to insulin intake at all. This kind of stage is considered to be critical to the individual as this disease to worsen in time as a person can start experiencing overweight which is also bad for the body. If the state worsens, one may be forced to take the insulin.

Gestational diabetes- This is not a common infection unlike the above the two diabetes. This type of diabetes affects the pregnant women only. Scientist record that, this kind of diabetes is experienced when the body has a high amount of cholesterol and animal fat before they get pregnant. Their blood cells encounter a problem in transporting of insulin in their blood cell increasing their glucose concentration.

For more info, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diabetes_mellitus.


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